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Coated Seafood Circular Blades

We offer a range of circular blades that feature a special USDA approved coating applied to the blade edge, which increases cutting edge hardness for longer blade life.


• 100% USDA approved coating and application process

• Holds up under extreme conditions

  Part #    OEM Part #           Size   Arbor Hole  Thickness
744202173014.72", 120mm0.551", 14mm0.118", 3mm
744242173024.72", 120mm0.551", 14mm0.118", 3mm
744042173277.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm
744082173297.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm
744122173307.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm
744162173347.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm
744002173449.843", 250mm0.866", 22mm0.156", 4mm
Coated Seafood Circular Blade 74424

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