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Seafood Circular Blades

Circular seafood processing blades are suitable for both fresh water and salt water processing and are designed to outperform competitive blades by employing the highest manufacturing and quality control standards in their design and production.


• Constructed of highest grade stainless steel

• Excellent corrosion resistance

• Less friction and less sticking in the cut

• Ability to be resharpened for longer life

  Part #    OEM Part #  SizeArbor HoleThicknessInfo
7405294.01.17403.54", 90mm0.551", 14mm0.118", 3mm12 grooves
7402094.01.01054.72", 120mm0.551", 14mm0.118", 3mm22 grooves
7402494.01.01064.72", 120mm0.551", 14mm0.118", 3mm22 grooves
7403294.01.01387.008", 178mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm22 grooves
7402894.01.17607.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm8 grooves
7400494.01.01487.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm22 grooves
7403694.01.01427.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm22 grooves
7404494.01.01437.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm22 grooves
7405694.01.01507.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm22 grooves
7406094.01.17627.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm22 grooves
7401694.01.01597.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm36 grooves
7400894.01.01497.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mmNo grooves
7404094.01.01607.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mmNo grooves
7401294.01.01517.874", 200mm0.866", 22mm0.118", 3mm22 grooves
7400094.01.01619.843", 250mm0.866", 22mm0.156", 4mm22 grooves
7404894.01.17129.843", 250mm0.866", 22mm0.313", 8mmNo grooves
Seafood Circular Blade 74424 | Nessco Industries

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