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Timing Belt Pulleys


Our pulleys have equally spaced grooves machined into the outside diameter, to give correct meshing with the belt teeth. The pulley grooves are of a special design to give this correct meshing of the belt teeth with minimal friction. All pulleys manufacture have correct minimum meshing tolerance built in. The pitch diameter is always larger than the outside diameter. The pulleys are normally stocked in a wide range of various diameter (no. of teeth) and standard widths.

Selecting a Pulley

The three items needed when ordering a timing belt are:

  • The number of teeth

  • The pitch

  • The belt width for which the pulley is used with

Styles we offer:

Thermosetting Resin Timing Pulleys

Standard Metal Timing Pulleys

Standard Timing Pulleys for Mounting with SER-SIT Taper Bushings

Export – Standard Timing Pulleys

Standard Super Torque Timing Pulleys

Standard Super Torque Timing Pulleys for Assembly

Standard Top Drive HTD Timing Pulleys

Standard Top Drive HTD Timing Pulleys for Mounting

Standard Metric Pitch Timing Pulleys

Standard Timing Bars


Aluminum Clamping Plates for Timing Belts

*Please contact Production Resources if the product you are looking

for is unavailable.